16 Ways to Bring More PLAY to Piano Lessons

This download goes hand-in-hand with Episode 152, where we examine what PLAY *really* means in the context of a lesson.

10 Ways to Finish "Up"

Designed to accompany a fan-favorite episode (017: Cheers to Finishing "Up"), this free download is designed to inspire ways to end each lesson in a positive, intentional manner.

Weekly Reflection Journal

This free printable is designed to help you tame the collection of random sticky notes on your desk. Track studio notes, to-do's, along with some basic weekly reflections in one place.
For maximum benefit, keep previous weeks' sheets in a binder and review monthly/quarterly to identity trends you might otherwise miss.

Principles of Written Communications

Designed to accompany Episode 093: Cheers to Principles of Written Communication, this free printable serves as your At-A-Glance reminder of how to send effective-yet-endearing emails/texts/etc. Print a copy and keep it at your desk for frequent reminders of what works.

Studio Communication Plan

Have you ever worked SO HARD on a studio email, only to realize (after pressing SEND) you forgot to include something important? At the risk of appearing laughably-simple, this free download provides a place to plan all studio communications for the year. This gives me an opportunity to plan reminders, memorization deadlines, and more before things feel urgent. Give it a try!

Teaching Self-Evaluation

In Episode 120 (Cheers to Improving Your Teaching THIS WEEK), I challenge teachers to summon the courage to record yourself teaching ONE lesson this week. It is, quite simply, the most cost-effective way to transform your teaching NOW. After recording your lesson, use this free evaluation to help assess your strengths and more.

(Three Part) Communicating Teen Expectations

Teaching busy teens is one of the most challenging aspects of PianoTeacherLife. Some struggles come from the fact that the Student-Parent-Teacher triangle we all strive to engage in Elementary-aged students is less of a focus in the teen years. This free printable helps you reclaim the power of that Triangle. Listen to Episode 148 (Cheers to the Forgotten Step in Teaching Teenagers) for more information.

(Secret) Student Goals

Goal-setting doesn't have to be complicated. This free download prompts you to name a student and identify two essential things before making plans for their next steps. I call these "secret" goals because I prefer to keep these ideas to myself. Check it out!

Topics for Parental Communication

Do you want to improve parental communications, but feel stuck with the same-old topics? This free download contains 20 helpful things to communicate to parents. Check out Episode 092 (Cheers to Increasing Parental Communication) for more context.

"Employee" Satisfaction Survey (for the Self-Employed)

This slightly tongue-in-cheek evaluation allows you - as a self-employed person - to evaluate your "boss" (hint: that's you). Check out Episode 117 (Cheers to Being a Good Boss to Yourself) for the full story.

Performance Journal

I love to have students fill out this sheet the week following a performance. We keep them in their binders and they serve as a recap of what worked - and what didn't - in preparing their work. Listen to Episode 66 (Cheers to Preparing Students for Performance: Part 3 - Action Items) for more.

December Performance Challenge

Click here for all the details on my mega-popular incentive program to keep students playing in the month of December.

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Methods Resource

Making the Most of Your Chosen Method

This mini-course includes a video featuring highlights from my popular presentation, The Teacher as the Method: Rely Less on Books and More on Individual Expertise. It also features a 12-page workbook that will help you maximize your own effectiveness, regardless of the method series you use. Current Price: $29

The Studio Foundations Course

Designed for studio teachers of any instrument and any experience level, this course allows you to explore fourteen core principles of a satisfying, effective teaching career. Current Price: $129

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