Supporting Teachers is One of My Greatest Passions.

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Beyond Measure Podcast

A fan-favorite podcast, delivered weekly as a shout-out of teacher solidarity. Join me - your (self-appointed) Anytime Piano Teacher Friend - as we tackle all aspects of MusicTeacherLife. Episodes focus on infusing our work with emotional intelligence and an overall awareness of humanity.

One-to-One Teacher Consultations

Mentoring services are offered to teachers looking for assistance with policy revisions, continuing education, general inspiration, and more.

Speaking Engagements

Presentations for music teacher groups are available on a variety of topics, all including my trademark enthusiasm and emphasis on the human experience.


NEW! First Steps Guide to Making the Most of Your Chosen Method

Who is *really* leading your lesson: You, or your Method Books? This (ultra-affordable!) resource provides First-Steps to balancing the brilliance of both.


The Studio Foundations Course

This course contains 17 video lessons, designed to help studio teachers of any instrument built a satisfying approach to teaching. It offers an overview of fourteen guiding principles for a quality studio experience for all parties involved.


Intro to Piano Pedagogy for High Schoolers

Playing the piano well is not the same as teaching effectively. How do I know? I was put in charge of a full piano studio at the age of 14, equipped with little-to-no knowledge of how to teach. I created this program for motivated high school students interested in teaching piano lessons, hoping to help them avoid the numerous pitfalls I experienced in those early years.


Christina's Favorite Supplemental Repertoire

A handful of piano music collections I cannot live without.

Favorite Things (on Amazon)

A few items that keep my Teacher Heart happy and functioning at its best!

One Thought Thursday E-Letter

I send a teacher reflection straight to teacher inboxes each Thursday. If you enjoy considering our profession from every angle, you will love this (free!) subscription.


Monthly Teacher Enrichment on Patreon

Enhance your teaching experience with more community and cooperative learning through a subscription to Beyond Measure Podcast on Patreon. Access to weekly power hours and monthly Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) segments are available at an incredibly low cost to you.

Now On YouTube!

Check out a growing collection of Teaching Demonstrations, Episode Recaps, and More. Be sure to subscribe!