The Short Story:

I fancy myself a friend and philosopher to the piano teaching profession.

When it comes to TeacherLife, I've lived it all:
...I began my career at age 14, knowing nothing about teaching.
...Then I completed two music degrees and thought I knew *everything* about teaching.  
...Now I'm happy to have settled somewhere in the middle.

I have three super-powers in this profession:  
- 29 Years of Teaching Experience (and counting!)
- Next-Level Enthusiasm
- A Brain that NEVER STOPS thinking about how "real life" influences our teaching (and vice versa)

I'm on a mission to foster lifelong musicians, and to help other studio music teachers do the same. !

The Longer (more formal) Story:

Christina Whitlock, M.M., N.C.T.M. operates a bustling independent studio in Muncie, Indiana.  Her studio currently offers individual and group instruction, in-person and online.

Christina earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Kent State University in 2004 (summa cum laude), and completed a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Ball State in 2006.

Christina began teaching in the private setting when she was only fourteen, and has maintained a full studio roster ever since.  She is proud to be celebrating over twenty-nine years of teaching this year.

Christina has served in adjunct faculty roles at Ball State University and Taylor University; most notably overseeing the Piano Pedagogy program at TU.  She ultimately made the difficult decision to leave academia to create content and offer support for fellow teachers.

As an active freelance artist, Christina enjoys working with local school districts and independent studios on a regular basis.

Christina has served on the Indiana Music Teachers Association Board of Directors since 2006, currently acting as Independent Music Teacher Forum Chair and Past President.

Christina’s speaking credits include presentations to numerous collegiate, local, and state teacher groups, as well as sessions at MTNA National Conferences (2016, 2017, 2019, 2022, and 2023) and NCKP (2023).

The podcast Beyond Measure with Christina Whitlock launched in October of 2020 and continues as a weekly shout-out of solidarity for the independent teaching profession.

Helping other studio teachers find their stride is a strong passion point for Christina.  She enjoys leading her Beyond Measure Community on Patreon, writing the popular e-letter One Thought Thursdays, as well as consulting one-to-one with individual teachers, guiding them in continuing education and enhanced business strategies.  

She offers a growing catalogue of online resources, which can be found by clicking here.