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Pedagogy Saturday:

Resource Roundup

I chose to spotlight this fun lollipop drum in our session this morning.

I love the resonance it gets and the way its thin design allows for easy storage.  Most of all, I like the fact that *I* can hold onto the handle while the student drums (which means I’M in charge of when the drum goes away).  

We use it in a number of traditional (and non-traditional) ways.

Get yours here (affiliate link).

Pedagogy Saturday:

Breaking Up the Burnout:

Mental and Physical Wellness

I had the great pleasure of putting this session together with Dr. Fernanda Nieto.

Additional reflection-related resources I’ve created can be found here:

(For Fernanda’s (stellar!) portion of the presentation on breathwork, please contact her at ferunieto (at) icloud (dot) com. 


Busy Teens:
Should they Stay or Should They Go?

You can download the handout for this presentation here.

I highly recommend Dr. Lisa Damour’s book, Under Pressure for dealing with teens.

(affiliate link)

Beyond Measure Podcast
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