Attention: High School Pianists Interested in Teaching Piano Lessons

Applications are now being accepted for my 2024 Summer Pedagogy Training for High-Schoolers

Students who complete the course in good standing will receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing.

About Christina Whitlock

With 29+ years of piano teaching experience under my belt, I am PASSIONATE about helping teachers find JOY and PURPOSE in this work. 

Among other things, Christina encourages teachers each week via the Beyond Measure Podcast.

Fun Fact: I was given charge of a full piano studio at age 14.

Not-so-fun: I had no idea what I was doing.

This Summer Study is my response to the training I wish I'd had 29 years ago.

Participants Will:

Develop a Philosophy of Teaching

I help teachers form an approach to teaching that fits their unique style and experience.

Learn Various Ways to Teach Rhythm and Notation

Students will study different approaches to feeling rhythm, as well as how to teach notation.

Build Empathy for Students and Their Families

Piano teaching is - first and foremost - about relating to people. My course helps students understand who they are serving in this work.

Explore Fundamentals of Teaching Healthy Technique

Teaching beginners is more challenging than meets the eye. I train teachers to place a healthy emphasis on proper technique from lesson number one.

What Parents and Students are Saying About the Course:

"This course prepared my son well and gave him confidence in the skills needed to start his own piano studio just a few months later. He now teaches 6+ students each week and has a waiting list. It's been a great, flexible job to have as a high school student. This course definitely set him up for success!"
Parent of Course Participant
"Christina's course does an amazing job of overviewing the basics of pedagogy at a comfortable pace. This course will provide you with skills to expand your musical toolbox, all while having a great time filled with smiles, laughs, and good times!"
Course Participant
"Learning more about piano teaching helped me become more secure in my own performance skills. Even though I'm not teaching students yet, I feel confident to begin doing so when the time is right. I know Christina will always be there for me as a mentor."
Course Participant
Participants in the 2021 Summer Study for High Schoolers

Christina Whitlock's Summer Pedagogy Training is an opportunity for up-and-coming teachers you won't find elsewhere.

Apply by May 31, 2024 to be considered for this year’s program.

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