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Episode Guide

Episode 026:
Recital Success
(Part 1)

Creative approaches to START your recital with the right vibe.

Episode 027:
Recital Success
(Part 2)

A rapid fire idea-share pertaining to all things recital.

Episode 075:
Recital Magic

An un-scripted post-recital reflection from April 2022.

Episode 003:

Wondering if your recital is "too small" or "too elementary"?
Listen to this one.

Episode 064:
Preparing Students for Performance
(Part 1)

A look at necessary timelines for successful performance.

Episode 065:
Preparing Students for Performance
(Part 2)

Focusing on preparing the necessary mindset for performance.

Episode 066:
Preparing Students for Performance
(Part 3)

A list of action-items not to be overlooked.

Episode 071:
Bouncing Back when you Disappoint Yourself

Have students who are unhappy with their recital performance? Don't miss this episode.

Episode 155: Studio Traditions

An idea-rich episode, focusing on the many ways tradition influences our studio vibe.

Episode 160: Fueling Recital Participation with FOMO

Frustrated with studio families who don't seem to make your Recitals a priority? This is the episode for you. LOTS of action-items here.

Episode 167: PERFECTION
is Overrated

Reflections on a SHOCKING recital surprise that led me to remember: there ARE things better than a "perfect" performance.

BLOG POST: Recital Surprises and More

Reflections on my 2023 Recital and more

The Things I *DON'T* Do

It's easy to find teachers doing LOTS of things online; it's more of a rarity to hear what they do NOT do.

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